Welcome to mom-e-news
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As a busy mom trying to achieve that elusive balance between selflessness, self-awareness and self-preservation I am always on the lookout for insights and inspirations that will help make my job a little easier.

In my 26 years of motherhood I have come to the realization that there is a vast network of bright, thoughtful women out there, always hungry for timely, pertinent bits of information that they can apply to their own family situations.  As you are part of this network, you are conscientious, proactive, curious, … and above all… completely devoted to the maintenance and well being of your family.  You put your heart and soul into being the best mother that you can be.  You deserve a healthy dose of encouragement and support for all that you do.

I have created this website in the profound hope that you will come across a subject that provokes some reflection or are inspired by an idea that sparks your interest.  We live in a world where time is at a premium.   It is not easy to sit down and read an entire magazine or peruse all the sections of the newspaper.  Mom-e-news will give you the opportunity to devote a few precious moments to being in a mindset where you are open to opinions and commentaries that you can relate to as a mother.

When it comes to raising a family, there is a wealth of knowledge out there.  As I venture out onto that vast information highway searching for enlightenment, please allow me to hare with you what I discover.

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 Maria Macfarlane